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Here are a few kind words from some of my puppy owners. 

Her name is Abby (Lady Abigail of Alabama). She is 42 lbs and BEAUTIFUL. She's smarter than smart. Learned to sit, shake and lie down on command, not by words but just pointing!!!! all in a matter of a couple of days.

Debbie Wunderle

We named our puppy Jovie, she is truly a delight. She is very smart and has already learned many tricks. She has a very sweet disposition and is getting along with our other dogs very well. She loves to run and has become a great running companion for my husband and daughter.

Happy New Year!

Kim Sharp

Bentley's first birthday just passed and he is doing great! I thought you might like to see some pictures of him and I wanted to let you know that he is doing well.

He just graduated from training (very smart) and is still such a puppy. He is very spoiled and very happy & healthy! Bentley has the BEST sulking face I have ever seen and it's irresistible. He socializes well with people and dogs and loves his doggie day-care that he goes to every once in a while when I'm away for the entire day. He has a lot of friends there (my friend's dogs) that he sees regularly to play with at the park and day-care.

Bentley is definitely the prettiest Viszla I have every seen and I am constantly receiving compliments on how beautiful my dog is. Everyone that meets him, loves him and he obviously returns the affection.

I could not have asked for a better pet and friend. I thought I might just take a moment to thank you for giving me my greatest love.

I hope things are well with you and your family and that ya'll have happy holidays!

Thank again,


Hi Shelley…

Ruby is doing so great! She is sooooo smart and sweet. She loves the water and fetching tennis balls! She’s adjusted well and will sit, stay, come, give her paw, and is ALMOST house trained!! This weekend she started going to the door and whining to go out! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

She loves the kids and whines when they leave the room!

I’ve been stopped so many times by people who are so impressed with her color and her eyes and her demeanor. She’s wonderful and you have done a great job.

Just wanted to thank you again for her, she’s wonderful!

Lori Michaelis

I’ve seen some Vizslas on TV and in books that aren’t as beautiful as Ruby and the other puppies you had. The mother and father must be extraordinary! I’ve had strangers stop me and remark about how beautiful she is. The nurse at the vet wants one so I gave her the link to your website.


I thought I would share some pictures of Jager, hes a huge ball of energy and love. At this point he is about 35lbs and looks like he is growing every day. He absolutely loves Charleston and makes a new friend (dog or human) about every 5 ft on our walks. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have one of your puppies, he has been a total blessing!


Joel K

Shelley helped us beyond belief with every single question i had before getting a dog. When we arrived to look at the pups we couldnt decide which one we liked since we addored all of them, it took us hours to make a decision and that decision has been the greatest bundle of joy that my girlfriend i share everyday. We get compliments every day on how good of a dog she is and how pretty she is. We could not have asked for a better process and outcome of getting our first V. Thanks again Shelley!

Chris M

Below is a pic of Foxie and her partner in crime!

Hey its Brigett, just wanted to say thanks so much for lily she's the new love of my life lol and gets PLENTY of attention, lets just say she's one spoiled little girl. She's recently taken a love to the pool and graduated top of her obedience class, just thought I would send you some of my favorite pictures, you would not believe how many comments I get on how pretty she is, and then it is usually followed by what type of dog is that. Well I hope everything is well with you and your family Thanks again


Almost two years ago my fiance Ryan and I received the most wonderful puppy from you. Sadie has truly enriched our lives and makes us laugh every day. To say she's a Velcro dog would be an understatement! :)

I just wanted to pass along the web address to my blog to you. Sadie is one of the stars of the blog and pictures of her are posted nearly every day. I thought you might be interested in seeing how she's doing. Here's the Web site:

We love Sadie with all of our hearts and thank you for providing us with the source of so much joy in our lives.

Thank you,

Julie Bream

(I have a video link of Sadie on my homepage that you can check out!)

Hi Shelly, I wanted to give you an update on Beau and send a few pictures. He is doing great and is really becoming a member of our home. He keeps us laughing all of the time, and I am so amazed at his unique personality. He doesn't like to be told "no" and he lets you know it by the cutest puppy eyes and saddest whine. When I take him into public, I always get compliments on how good looking and how well behaved he is (of course I do take a bag of treats with me wherever I take him). He is starting to let us know if he hears something outside, but we can't decide if he had to would he protect us or lick someone to death. Either way, I couldn't have asked for a better companion!

(from Malinda, her dogs name is Beau)

Above is Birch, below is a note from his owner.

Hi Shelley!

I just wanted to check in with a few photos and let you know how happy we are to have little Birch as a part of our family! He is so precious! He is growing up like a normal puppy I suppose, he loves to run around playing tug-of-war, go on long walks at the park, meet new friends (and girlfriends!) at the dog park, chew anything he can get his mouth on, and then settle down in the evening snuggling up with Allen and I on the couch. He was even curious about the snow that fell over the weekend! We're also almost done with a little 8 week puppy training class at PetsMart, he's done very well and learned a lot. We just wanted to keep in touch and thank you for sharing this little bundle of joy with us.

Thank you so much!


Thought I would update you and send along a few pics of the little girl! She is such a sweet girl. Everyone loves her. She is so smart, already knows "no bites" "go to bed" and "come." The only accidents she has had were on the first day (knock on wood!). She is such a joy, and I feel lucky to have her! I will keep you posted on her progress.

Thank you again for everything!


Hi Shelley,

We call her Angeleena, Angie for short. She is wonderful. We love her to death. She is awesome with my granddaughter, gentle and patient as the five year old leads her all over the house on a leash & runs with her by her side. I take her for long walks (1-2 hours) in the woods on trails daily with my granddog, a 2 year old Bernese Mt Dog (110 lbs). They love each other & romp in the woods together until Sadie, the Mt. Dog can't keep up any more. Angie is an incredible runner. She is loved by everyone and I am so glad I have her. My sister in law has a Vizlsa from Alabama as well and he looks a lot like Angie. I will find out where he is from & let you know. Maureen 

Thanks for checking in Shelley. Riley and I actually just got back from a run. She's doing AWESOME! What a great companion. The breed is so rare, but everyone wants a Vizsla when they meet Riley, she gets compliments left and right. The only snag is that now my parents love her so much they want to steal her. Sometimes I think they just call to check in on her.

She's such a "people-dog" it's not funny. I've never seen a dog that always wants to burrow under the covers and curl up by your feet. 

I've attached some pics for you to see. Who knows maybe some are website capable.

Thanks again so much for letting me adopt one of your babies. She's definitely found a loving home.


Hi Shelley,

Good to hear from you! Sadie is doing great. We just drove with her, our Weimaraner, and our 1 year old son from Atlanta to Colorado. We're staying here for two months. So far the dogs have LOVED running around our land. They're getting so much exercise and are finally tired at the end of the day. I attached a couple of pics of her over the last 6 months or so. Hope you are all doing well too!


Bailey is doing great! She is such a wonderful dog a little smarty for sure. She is so easy to train, but we haven't mastered how to get her not to sleep on the bed or whine when we are in the babys room with the puppy gate up.

Yes she is a big sister now and her little brother just loves her he smiles and reaches for her all the time when he sees her. She has been soo wonderful. Her and my husbands are the best of friends!

Hey Shelley

Doug is doing great! He is healthy and very active! He runs with us in the mornings and loves to hike with us too. He is super smart and is getting a little calmer everyday. He loves other dogs and kids and loves going to the dog park. We saw another Vizsla there one day and they tuned the other dogs out and played together for about an hour non stop! It was funny. I've attached a few pics. One is from New Years and the other 2 are from about 2-3 months ago, so he's grown since. He's about 45-46 pounds now and still growing! Thanks for checking in!

take care

Dusty and Ashley


It's great to hear from you! Gus is doing great! My husband and I just

love owning a Vizsla. I don't think we would ever consider getting a

different breed now! Gus is affectionate, funny, energetic, and sweet.

He goes to a doggie day care once a week to play with dogs all day

long, which he loves! During the day when my husband is home, he loves

laying in the sun and hunting for bugs and lizards in our yard.

I'll send you some pictures later!




I just wanted to share a few pictures of London! We started puppy class yesterday, and she is so adaptable! Trust me, she knows she pretty, too. She's housebroken and rings a bell to go outside. She fairly reliably sits, comes and stays, is good in the crate and well behaved for a puppy. She waits for her food and takes treats gently. She's a little thief! She'll find something she likes, look up at you, put it in her mouth and run as fast as she can with it. Overall, she's a wonderful addition to my life. =) Thanks!


Hi Shelley!

Good to hear from you. Jasper is doing great! I absolutely love him. He's the sweetest little boy and has the biggest personality! You are right about Taylor and Tucker. Tucker and Jasper look identical. It's so funny. Taylor actually had to move to Denver for school for about 9 months and so Tucker stayed at Taylor's parents' place on the lake. He's a very happy dog.

Thank you! Sarah

Hello Shelley! She is doing fantastic. She and Drake (our other Male Vizsla) do GREAT together! They can play for hours on end. We have done quite a bit of backpacking with the two and they absolutely LOVE camping! I will get my wife to round up some pics to send.

Thanks for checking in.


We love Pete, he is now 2. He is spoiled rotten. He has several dog beds but insist on sleeping in everyone elses bed. He loves the pool and is actually a strong swimmer. I am not a dog person and I even let him sleep with me. We love him and would not trade him for the world.

He is still thin even though we keep food out all the time. the vet says he is supposed to be that thin (be able to count ribs). I have the 2 young children so he runs off all the calories. I wish that worked for me!!

Thank you for PETE!!! we love him.


I hope you are doing great. My vizsla (Cooper) is awesome! He is huge and full of energy, but probably the most affectionate dog I know. Right now we are in a bit of a transition phase as I finish school and get ready to move into a new position at work. So, we are living at my parent’s house in Hoover where Cooper is spoiled rotten and has lots of room to get rid of some energy. Our next move is most likely going to be down to Mobile, and we’re both excited to be close to the beach (that is, as long as oil doesn’t ruin everything).

When I get home tonight from work, I will send you some pictures that I have on my computer. Also, we may be looking for another vizsla sometime soon, not for me, but for my parents. I think they are going to really miss Cooper when we move away. So always keep me updated on any litters.

I have been meaning for months to e-mail you, but I have been SOOOO busy. Hope everything is going well!


Hi Shelley!

So good to hear from you!

Ruby is great! She's beautiful! I've attached a picture here for you. I take her to the beach almost every day to run and swim, dig for sand crabs and chase birds. She's a happy (and tired) dog by the time we get home!

I'm thinking that maybe next year we'll get her a little friend. Hopefully you'll have a litter later this year or early next and we get get a little girl cousin for her.



Hi Shelley!

Sorry it has been so long since I have let you know how Duke is doing. He is the smartest dog I've ever seen. He is doing all kinds of tricks. I couldn't be happier. My Dad & Mom are head over heels about him, & it's not like my Dad to get excited about an animal haha! I have a feeling he is going to be one heck of a bird dog as soon as I can get him into the field. I have attached a picture from a couple days ago. I will send more later on.

Thank you,


Oh it has been great. I am spending the summer in Denver, and it is a great city for dogs. There are lots of dog parks and doggie day cares, not to mention all the awesome outdoor spots to go run around in the mountains. He is getting neutered on Friday. I couldn't ask for a better pal. He has started kindergarten these past two weeks and is doing really well! Thanks again.


Hi there Shelley!

All is well over here in Texas. Buddha is absolutely loving life, and everyone is loving her. Everyone always tells me what a beautiful girl she is! And she is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside :) She learned a new trick this week... the "high 5." She also learned how to dive into the water today! She's growing so fast I can't believe it...she is just over 20 lbs! We are going up to visit my parents in MA, and we will be going to our lake house in Maine. I know she will LOVE it! I attached a few pictures for you to see. I hope all is well, and I will send another update later on!

Thanks again for everything,

Kelly & Buddha


Sorry it has been so long since I wrote. I have been so busy in the last few months helping my now Fiance to get in shape for her future career in the Air Force. Miles is doing well. He loves the water. He runs in the bayou every chance that he gets and fetches his toys. Although we buy him really nice toys his favorites for now seem to be dust pans, life jackets, bubble wrap (he doesn't get that for very long), and boxes. So yes, he's quite the character but he brings a lot of laughter into our lives. We get a lot of compliments on him so thank you again for picking (and breeding) such great dogs. Him and Addison (Staci Donatelli's dog) are the best of friends. Attached are some photos of him. Enjoy!

Jennifer and Michael

Hey Shelley!

It's been a while since we've updated you on our puppy Birch! We got him from you in Nov. last year, just to refresh your memory. He's doing great! He's big now, but still smaller than most vizslas we meet, which is totally fine with us. He's always sweet and has such a great attitude towards humans and other dogs, never aggressive and always playful. We go to the dog park a lot and we're on our 2nd training class at Petsmart, we're in intermediate now. Birch is really smart!

Whitney C.

Hi Shelley,

Hope everything is going great! Things are awesome here, and I thought I would send you some funny pictures and a link to a video I took of her today doing her most favorite thing! I'm sure you'll laugh as much as I do every time I see it! We visited my family in Maine last month, and everyone up there really misses her :) We'll be heading back that way this winter, but I think we're definitely going to have to get her a sweater haha. She is growing like a WEED! Already weights 35 lbs!! She was spayed 2 weeks ago and is doing great. She absolutely loves her vet, and he did an excellent job.


Kelly + Buddha

Hi Shelley!

Bella is going on 11 weeks now and she's doing great! We have begun working with a trainer, and she's responding really well. She can hold a sit stay for 30 seconds, is potty trained, and loves to hunt for her stuffed birds. We were so pleased with the adoption process and will likely be contacting you in a year or two for a sibling for our little girl!

Take care,

Yvette and Charles

Hey, Shelley!

I just thought you might like an update on London! =) She is turning into everything I've ever read about a Vizsla, and I am loving (almost) every minute of it! While she is an absolute teenager at eight months, she graduated from Intermediate Puppy Class last night with flying colors. Some owners had to repeat sit stays with distance and other commands, I only had to do it once because London didn't budge and was an absolute rockstar (the trainer said so)! She is really coming into her own and turning into one of the funniest and happiest dogs ever. I get compliments on her everywhere we go. If I ever get another Vizsla (which hopefully will be sooner than later), I will certainly come to you! I can't imagine my life without her.

I'll upload more pictures to your website soon, but I just wanted to say thanks again!

Katherine        (Katherine has a photo album for London on my Photo Gallery page)

Below is a letter from one of our puppy families daughter:

Our Dog Rusty

Thank you so much for selling Rusty to us. We are very happy with are new

puppy. We love him sooo much. We take him for runs and we play ball with him. We

sleep with him alot : ) He is a great puppy. He loves the snow: he digs in it and rolls in it.

He even plays snowball fights with us. We just love him!

Update from Piper's Dozen litter in 2013.

Hi Shelley - Just a quick Juno update. She's sleeping through the night in her crate and is content to be put in there just about any time of the day without a complaint. She has a wonderful disposition and seems equally bonded to all 3 of us. She sits easily on command so we're on to "shake" hands and other commands. She's making progress with Tuck (10 yo Vizsla) and they've touched noses a few times and he wags his tail trying to figure Juno out. It's only a matter of time when they'll be playing tug of war.

House training is progressing very well and she's even gone to the door a few times to get out - accidents are few and far between. SHE LOVES RETRIEVING !!!!! Last night she played tug of war and fetch with me for 2 hours straight before conking out for the night. Next shot is this week - not sure what it is but the vet's office can't wait to see her.

I'll send Photos soon. Juno says to give her mom and dad kisses.

Thank you for this bundle of joy.

Emmett - Georgia

Piper's Dozen update 2013.

Shelley, Hope all is well with you and your family. Cooper Chayce was 8.5 weeks old this weekend and growing like a weed. He has his 2nd checkup this past Friday to get his shots and test and he grown 3.5 pounds in less than 2 weeks. He now weighs 9.6 pounds. He is a very good dog and hardly ever wines He has learned the COME, and SIT, command and is doing very well on the WAIT command for treats. He is SOOO Smart. still working on the potty training but hopefully in a couple weeks he will be doing well on that. He lets me know when he has to poop but still is a fast pee'er lol. Luckily I have hardwood floors and no carpet.

Curt - Florida

Juno Update 2014

Hi Shelley,

Juno is having a grand summer in the pool. We just whisper the words "swim" or "pool" and she is at the back door ready to bolt out. We are having a blast with her in the water. She is the sweetest vizsla and perhaps the smartest we've ever had . We've had 5!

(I have posted a video of Juno on my video page.)

I am SOOOOOOO behind on posting updates! It is now 2015 but many of these were sent in 2014. :0)

Doc update 2015

Hey Mrs. Shelley,

I haven't talked to you since I got my dog Doc from you in 2010. He has turned into a great hunting dog and companion. He is more of a person than a dog and is extremely smart. I just looked you up again to see your pups and found you on Facebook. Hope all is going well. JP

Update from Rudy 2015

Wanted to let you know that Rudy is doing fantastic. He has really fit in well with our family. He is growing like a weed - he is now 23 lbs. He was 10 lbs when we picked him up. Amazing. He as already outgrown his puppy collar, his harness and his bed and now he is about to move to a larger kennel. He is ringing his bell to go outside to potty. He is very affectionate, he loves his kennel and hardly ever barks or whines. We love him! RS

 Juno Update 2014

Hi Shelley &Family- Just a quick Juno update. As you can see by the photo all is well with her. When she's not trying to get us to play she is trying to get us to fact she plays relentlessly!!! DID I SAY THIS DOG LOVES TO PLAY. After we closed the pool in September I thought she would have to go on Prozac she was so depressed; but now we've replaced swimming with daily trail walks which seems to help for now. She continues to adore us all and rotates between the 3 of us for love and attention.

Our older Viszla, Tuck, in the photo, is now 13 and was diagnosed this summer with cancer. He has a tumor on his pancreas and now is on Prednisone 2x/ day and pasta every 3 hours/24 hrs/ day. Even though he's slowed down, he's still happy with a wonderful quality of life and eats up the attention we give him. It will be a sad day when he dies. But life will go on and Juno will continue to bring more joy than you could ever imagine.

Good cheer to all of you during this wonderful sacred time of the year. Hope Viszla birthing is still going well for all of you......who knows we may be getting on your waiting list many litters do you expect this year?

Blessings to all,



Hi Shelley,

Juno is having a grand summer in the pool. We just whisper the words "swim" or "pool" and she is at the back door ready to bolt out. We are having a blast with her in the water. She is the sweetest vizsla and perhaps the smartest we've ever had . We've had 5!

Enjoy the attached video. The other vizsla is about 12 years old



Hi Shelley

Quick update. Juno is doing great. She is happy, kind, sensitive, well adjusted, even tempered, never whines and LOVES to play. She hangs out in her crate when there is nothing to do but is ALWAYS ready for the next adventure. She is still a bit shy with other dogs but is getting better and loves people. She is about 38# now and the vet says she may put on a couple more, but we exercise her all the time so I'm thinking she may stay this weight. We really could never have imagined what a wonderful addition she would be to our family. Her vet check- up a week ago went well and they adore her. Thanks again.

 Update from JR 2015

Pup is settling in nicely, but boy was it a long night. Wow, I forgot about that.

I took her to the Vet this morning. 9 lbs. Vet was very impressed and said she was the prettiest vizsla she'd seen in a long time. Perfect , clean bill of health.

Thank you for everything. JR


Hey Shelley,

This is Henry Holt. I was lucky enough to get one of your pups back in March… blue collar from Annie and Simon. We drove down from Kentucky. Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to send you updates/pictures/videos. We named him Remington (Remi/Rem). He’s been an amazing addition. Full of energy and eager to please, he’s got energy for days. I’ve attached a couple of photos with many more on my Facebook page. My brother loves photography so we’ve lucked out and captured some great moments since picking him up in March.  

Hope everything is going well. Hope you enjoy the pictures. They’re in no particular order (mostly reverse order)


Update from Vino and Foxie

Hi Shelly, its been a while since we said hello. Just wanted to let you know how these two V's have been lately. We have taken them on hundreds of hikes from Wyoming to South Carolina and everywhere in between.We moved up near Chicago from southern Illinois and live down the street from a gigantic dog park where they are always the the talk of the other owners. Our goal is to buy a home near Denver in the next few years and have more land to let them run, but they are quite happy I would imagine right now. Here are a few recent pictures I thought I'd share. Hope all is well! CM

Cooper Update 2014


Thought you would like an update. Clay took Cooper to Hand in Paw charity event at Aldridge Gardens yesterday. Cooper had a lot of fans.

We are all totally in love with Cooper and he has plenty of exercise.

He's even hanging out at the clinic during the day with us and getting walks between naps.

He gets to meet his vet tomorrow.

We could not be happier!

Thanks Again,

The Rysedorph Family

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