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My number is 256-558-1249 or email me at

Please see the "Available Puppies" page to read about upcoming litters and how the process of buying a pup works.

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Vizsla News and Information

Above is a painting of Jager owned by Joel K. The painting will help benefit the Hand in Paw Fundraiser to benefit Therapy Dogs. Thank you so much Joel!! So glad that you love Jager so much!!!

I can be contacted at 256-558-1249 or by email


Vizsla Takes top prize in Doggie Derby!!

We were pleased to make it to Saturday's Doggie Derby at Baldwin Park in time to see an energetic vizsla named Sadie take top prize in her weight class (middle weight) and then nab the grand prize. Proceeds went to the Friends of Fleet Peeples Park, a nonprofit that helps maintain the Winter Park dog park on Lake Baldwin.

Sadie, 15 months old, lives in downtown Orlando with Julie and Ryan and lives up to the vizsla stereotype of being a "velcro dog."

"Sadie is extremely energetic, loves to play tug-of-war and run around outside. Even when I take Sadie running six miles in the morning, she still immediately goes to her toy box when we get back because she's ready to play again.

I love Sadie's spirit because it really seems like she smiles. She's the happiest dog and always adds humor and spunk into our days. She really loves people and cuddling. Sadie will honestly burrow under the sheets at night and cuddle right up to you - even when it's 80 degrees."

You can see Sadie's video on the "Videos" page.

What is a Vizsla?

🙂 A striking medium sized short coat dog.

🙂A sensitive, loving, loyal, and affectionate companion.

🙂A versatile hunting partner that will point and retreive.

🙂A breed with a clean, relatively odorless, low maintenance coat.

A Vizsla is for you if....

🙂 You keep the dog primarily inside as a part of the family.

🙂You take time to train this high energy dog or exercise it daily.

🙂You train with praise and rewards rather than negative or harsh reinforcement.

🙂You want a long lived family friend.

Vizsla Facts

Vizslas are very bright, typically affectionate, outgoing and friendly, but can become mischievous if left alone too long. Most well socialized Vizslas are good with kids and the elderly.

Vizslas respond well to training as long as methods reflect their sensitive, eager-to-please nature. The vizsla is a great field dog, both as a pointer and a retriever. If introduced to water at a young age most vizslas enjoy water and are strong swimmers.

Vizslas have seemingly boundless energy at times. At the least they need puppy and obedience training.

Their coat is a smooth, short golden rust color. Heights range from 21 to 24 inches. Weight from 40 to 60 pounds. The females are generally slightly smaller than males.

Some of our pups in their new homes.

This is Ruby taking a run on the beach at Gulf Shores!

This is Amelia at the Atlanta Horse Park.

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